1. To express yourself creatively 
  2. To learn the art of video making 
  3. To develop positivity and inspire others at all times


What to Express?

Express your thoughts, ideas, story, creativity, opinion and dreams by taking part in the below mentioned themes.


How to Compress?

Compress your ideas into a short video clipping of 2.30 mins (150 secs).


How to Impress?

Impress with your creativity and insights. The best video will be awarded a prize under each of the below mentioned themes.


Please Note:

  1. You may take part in one or all the 10 themes (with 10 different videos).
  2. One video for one theme only.
  3. You may include your family and friends.
  4. No vulgarity will be allowed.
  5. Do not upload the videos to the social media till the results are announced.
  6. Language: English only 
  7. Criteria for Judging: Creativity and message (insight)
  8. Last date of submission is 25th May 2020, 12am. No entries will be allowed after the prescribed time.
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